Enjoy a Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experience!

Enjoy a Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experience!

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A Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experience offers a truly unique and memorable activity, suitable for any event.

Perfect for groups of 10 or more visiting Ireland’s Hidden Heartlands, a Whiskey Tasting session is an ideal activity, offering truly unique and memorable experience. Whether they are seasoned whiskey connoisseurs or have never so much as tasted a whiskey before, they will have every opportunity to experience some of the best Irish whiskeys that the Midlands has to offer!

We have catered for a variety of groups including golfing groups, conferences, family reunions and even for wedding parties!

How can you book a Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experience?

Booking is simple! Simply fill out the contact form here and state what date that you would like your group tasting on and we would be happy to check availability for you! Then we will decide on a suitable venue. Your host can join you at a venue of your choice or we can organise one for you on request at no extra charge!

What is the cost per person for a Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experience?

The cost is €29 per person.  Your group will journey through a unique selection of Irish whiskeys from the Midland’s region and will compare four contrasting Midlands Whiskeys to discern their unique characteristics from a variety of ranges from the Kilbeggan Distilling Company, Tullamore D.E.W, Egan’s Irish Whiskeys, Locke’s Irish Whiskeys and the recently released range of Irish Whiskeys from Sean’s Bar.

How many guest can you cater for?

Our Irish Whiskey Tasting Events are a group activity for 10 people and above. We can accommodate groups of up to 40 guests.

Why not get in touch with us today and book your Midlands Whiskey Tasting Experiences with us!