Latest Midlands Mash Revealed – Lough Ree Distillery & St. Mel’s!

Latest Midlands Mash Revealed – Lough Ree Distillery & St. Mel’s!

Lough Ree Distillery

Lough Ree Distillery are getting geared up to release their latest new whiskey! The Bridge Whiskey – St. Mels No.1 release is the result of a local collaboration with one of Ireland’s most well known and innovative brewing companies.

So what awaits us over The Bridge?

The new release is coming in the form of a delicious Malt Whiskey that has been aged for 6 years in first fill bourbon casks, finished for several months in a Red Wine cask, that last contained St Mel’s Brown Ale!

As the Lough Ree Distillery website explains: The story is fairly simple – we sourced a rioja cask, St. Mel’s used it to age a Brown Ale and then we filled it with some fine Whiskey for several months. The end result is an outstanding Whiskey, and the collaboration is definitely something we plan to repeat in the future.

What an amazing journey that will be alongside one of the best brewing companies in the Midlands and we cant wait to taste their upcoming releases and follow them on that journey. Pre release registration is available on their website here.

Lough Ree Distillery is the brainchild of a Longford native, Peter Clancy and in partnership with his brother Michael and his lovely sister, Sheila Mullen, who are building the distillery and visitor centre on the grounds of the old post office building in Lanesborough.

Another great milestone for this Midlands Distillery and at Midlands Whiskey Experiences, we are eagerly looking forward to the many new whiskey releases to come from the Lough Ree Distillery! For all of the latest updates about #MidlandsWhiskey, you can follow us on Twitter here or like us on Facebook here!

Sláinte and all the best to the Lough Ree Distillery team with their new and exciting whiskey release! We cant wait to savour a drop!